Open a new geographic market with a 3-step sales tunnel

Case study

Since its foundation, has processed more than 150,000 projects and has a network of more than 7,500 entrepreneurs—and these figures keep increasing at lightning speed. approached J7 Media with one goal in mind: access Canada's English-speaking territory through Facebook. All of its other advertising channels, which performed very well in Quebec, were far too expensive for the rest of Canada. The client therefore saw an opportunity worth seizing with Facebook.

This case study will demonstrate, using 4 major points, how we managed to open a new geographic market using a 3-step sales tunnel.

Our Initial Assessment

  • No sales tunnel in place on Facebook to acquire potential customers
  • No successful advertising channel for the rest of Canada
  • Considerable volume of website traffic that could be used for remarketing campaigns

Our Objectives

  • Find an advertising approach on Facebook that allows us to maintain a return of 1.5 (for every dollar invested, the client makes $1.50).
  • Find advertising approaches that can highlight several of their services (basement renovations, bathrooms, roofing, etc.).

Our Strategy

  • Create a renovation price guide to generate as many email addresses as possible and direct potential customers to a dedicated sales tunnel.
  • Segment the campaign approach by service-based vertical: bathroom, basement, kitchen, etc.
  • Create a multi-step sales tunnel to ensure that the obtained “lead” is properly filtered.
  • Favour broad targeting and not by city/region.

Case studies


The client went from a budget of $0/month in Facebook advertising to $10,000/month.



The client generates around 150 projects per week via Facebook for English-speaking Canada.



The client generates an average return on investment of 2. Each time they invest $1 on Facebook, they make $2.

J7 Media taught us that if a business is serious about dominating on Facebook and its other channels, it cannot simply rely on short-term campaigns. We had the ambitious goal of expanding into new territories on the Canadian market, but we knew that doing so would take time and would require a strong long-term strategy. We put our trust in the J7 team and went from having a monthly advertising budget of $0 to allocating more than $10,000 per month to the platform. These results can be directly attributed to a long-term strategy that has allowed us to grow our business and go from being a provincial to a national player.

- Michel Jodoin, Président et Fondateur de Soumission Rénovation

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