From $100 to $3,000 in daily spend on Facebook Ads.

Case study

RenoQuotes is a company that allows people to obtain 3 free quotes for all kinds of home renovation projects, from kitchen remodelling to new roofing to landscaping.

From 2022 to 2023, we began a series of operations that radically changed the face of this company and its relationship with Facebook Ads. In 2021, the company's annual budget was no more than $220,000, often hovering around $500/day. In the years that followed, the budget increased dramatically.

Our Initial Assessment

RenoQuotes relied heavily on one or two sales funnels to generate leads and find customers, even though its field of expertise was much broader.

We also noted the massive use of Lead Ad campaigns, well-known for bringing in low-quality leads despite their advantageous cost-per-lead.

Our Objectives

Like any Lead Gen business, we had to follow three steps: 

1/ Obtain leads for low prices...

2/ While maintaining impeccable lead quality...

3/ To increase the acquisition budget and bring RenoQuotes into Hypergrowth.

Our Strategy

1/ Design sales funnels that enable us to generate and qualify high-quality leads.

2/ Multiply the number of sales funnels (and matching campaigns).

3/ Scale the account in the process.

Case studies

68% increase in Facebook Ads spend over a period of 12 months

169% increase in Facebook Ads spend over a period of 24 months

$3000 in daily ad spend

Thanks to these actions, RenoQuotes began its ascent to Hypergrowth! What are you waiting for?

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