Frequently asked questions


Is your agency bilingual?

Yes, we offer complete services in both French and English.

Can you guarantee results?

No, we cannot guarantee results. Our role is to accelerate your growth; we don't create your business. We work with companies that have already successfully marketed their product or service, and our role is to help them grow at a faster rate.

Do you charge an hourly rate, for performance, or on a monthly basis?

We see ourselves as a growth partner, so our work isn't paid by the hour but based on performance. Before proposing a service offer, strategic work will be carried out.

Do you specialize in a particular industry?

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of companies that want to dominate their market nationally and internationally. This type of business can therefore be found in several different industries. However, a variable often returns; the companies we do business with can sell online and already invest heavily in Facebook advertising.

Have you already managed large budgets (50k and +)?

All of the clients who have experienced the fastest growth with J7 Media are those who invest more than 50k per month with us.

Do you do LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google ads?

No. Our agency specializes exclusively in the Facebook advertising platform (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Facebook Audience Network.) We don't advertise on any other advertising platform or social network. However, we have several strategic partners who specialize in these areas, and we'd be happy to refer you to them.

Do you do design (photos, videos, etc.)?

Yes, we handle this component. At J7 Media, there's a complete creative team at your service. We have an experienced team in place who take care of visual design, video production and editing, and French and English editorial in order to deliver customized content for your business.

How can we start working with you?

Our business philosophy is based on carefully implemented systems to better serve our clients and deliver real results. We have a mandatory "qualification/onboarding" process.


When you get in touch with us, a qualified member of our team will take the time to talk on the phone with you to better understand your needs.

Performance Analysis:

If we believe that our services can help your business grow, our team will then perform a free Facebook performance analysis. This analysis provides a complete diagnostic of your advertising efforts.

Strategic plan/audit:

Following this analysis and a comprehensive overview of the various problems that you may have encountered so far with Facebook advertising, we'll propose a strategic plan in collaboration with you and your team. This audit will have two specific goals: (1) address the technical/traceability issues encountered so far; and (2) set a timeline with clear objectives and strategies.


When the strategic plan is approved, you'll meet your Facebook advertising advisor who will become your personal point of contact at J7 Media. This expert will then be able to provide specific direction to our creative team, as well as our advertising analysts, in order to execute the strategic plan and launch the project.