What you need to know about Facebook Ads in 2021

On a regular basis, we give you news on Facebook’s most recent updates, as provided to us by our Ads Account Manager Partner at Facebook. We cover everything from Facebook Ads, Instagram, the platform, and business in general!

What you need to know about Facebook Ads in 2021

Antoine Dalmas Facebook Ads Guide

Regular updates about Facebook Advertising, as given to us by our Ad Account Manager at Facebook. News about Facebook Ads, Instagram, the platform, and business in general. Here's the July results

October 20, 2021

Facebook Announcement


Following Graham Mudd's statement as Facebook's VP Product Marketing, we know that November will be full of updates for advertisers. Highlights :

  • More attribution reporting through Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM), SKAdNetwork (SKAN), and through modeling
  • Expanded AEM and SKAN conversion reporting capabilities
  • Improved campaign management for SKAN campaigns, in addition to back-end performance updates to help improve SKAN performance
  • Testing App AEM with advertisers who run Catalog Sales with plans to expand availability in the new year

October 13th, 2021

Facebook Smart Glasses (in collaboration with Rayban)


Facebook is releasing glasses in collaboration with Rayban.

The glasses will allow users to take photos, 30-second videos, listen to music and podcasts, and even answer phone calls, all for just $299.

The content users record will be imported into a new dedicated application: Facebook View, which allows you to edit and share this content on Facebook, Insta, WhatsApp, and Messenger but also Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat and other platforms.

Work Account


Facebook has been testing 'Work Accounts’ over the course of 2021 and hopes to develop it on a larger scale next year.

As of right now, we don’t have much information on how it works. Perhaps a Business Manager will be able to create an employee account and then transfer the login information to the people who need to work on the account.

Special Ad Category in Europe


Starting September 28th, all European accounts in Finance, Politics, Housing and Employment will have to use the Special Ad Category.

The system will be reinforced starting December 7th.

For European advertisers, not following this request will simply result in your campaigns being rejected.

The Metaverse


The Metaverse has finally been put into production, according to Andrew Bosworth, VP of Reality Lab at Facebook,

The Metaverse will be a series of virtual 'places' where you can explore and create with others who are not physically with you. You'll be able to "hang out" with friends, play games, shop, learn, create and even work (Horizon Workroom, their VR work tool, comes to mind).

To achieve this, Facebook has released a $50 million investment in research and partnerships to properly develop the project, with an estimated release date of 10 to 15 years.

October 1st 2021

Facebook Ads & Cost Cap

When you use the Cost Cap feature, sometimes your budget doesn't get spent because Facebook Ads wants to ensure it doesn't exceed your target cost. This disagreement made enough noise to warrant an update that will allow you to more efficiently spend your budget despite constraints, as of September 29th. Facebook is aware that some advertisers may see their CPA increase and recommends that advertisers review the true value of their conversions.

Audience Targeting

Starting October 5th, the audience tool 'Potential Reach' will become 'Estimated Audience Size.' No other huge updates, except this one significant change: your Estimated Audience Size will no longer be a fixed number, but a range.

Conversions are already measured as such, and Facebook simply wants to make things consistent across the board.

Optimization & Conversion

Facebook will soon launch a tool called Cross Channel Conversion Optimization(CCCO), which will allow advertisers to optimize for web and mobile conversions in a single campaign at the same time.

With CCCO, you will no longer need to create separate Web and App campaigns, which can weaken your overall performance and budget spend. However, for its debut, CCCO will not be available for campaigns targeting iOS14.5 users.

Facebook is working on making this tool available to all advertisers as soon as possible. A tentative arrival date is by the end of October!

Instagram & Bugs with Third-Party Cookies

In August 2021, Instagram noticed that a bug had been deleting all third-party web cookies captured via Instagram Mobile Browser on iOS. For example, all a user had to do was click on an external link (such as an ad), which would cause the Instagram Mobile Browser to launch and clear all third-party cookies. This bug may have affected some advertisers and their conversions, which can be traced back to a change in the app.

Facebook has announced that on October 4th, the bug will be resolved and that some cookies will even be restored!

New Feature for Businesses & Shops

From this point on, when a customer purchases from you, they will be able to answer questions that other prospects have about your services/products (visible to all other shoppers)! The tool will be available to all US advertisers using Shops at the end of October.

We can't wait to see a feature everywhere, as it will give businesses even more credibility if their customers are satisfied with their products.