06 How to have a successful Black Friday 2020 with Facebook (concrete example) Antoine Dalmas Facebook ads guide

For Black Friday, which is the best time to generate maximum sales for online businesses, our client Coco Village wanted to double its usual Facebook budget from $50,000/month to $100,000/month. The goal was to generate, with this amount, a minimum of half a million dollars in sales during this auspicious time of year.

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30 Covid-19: Is E-commerce in danger Antoine Dalmas Digital marketing

Let’s not beat around the bush. COVID-19, particularly isolation and social distancing, has a major impact on the global economy and raises questions when it comes to your e-commerce activities.

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13 6 facebook retargeting strategies to boost your revenues x40 Antoine Dalmas Facebook ads guide

Did you know that the average time spent on Facebook per day is 40 minutes (28 minutes for Instagram)? That gives your ads a big window of opportunity, especially for Facebook Ads retargeting.

As a reminder, retargeting consists of targeting people who have previously visited/interacted/converted with your website (or your social media accounts) without having taken a crucial step (e.g.: making a purchase).

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16 Advertising Copywriting: 5 unique methods to write like a pro Antoine Dalmas Digital marketing

Copywriting is the "art" of showcasing your product/service with words. It's about making what you can't touch tangible. But above all, it’s the art of convincing your prospect to take action.

Having a message is essential as soon as you start selling online, or even in-store when the prospect is not yet in front of a salesperson.

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21 3 New Indicators for Your Facebook Ads Antoine Dalmas Facebook ads guide

2019 is a year of change for Facebook, notably when it comes to metrics available on its Ads Manager. On March 12, the platform announced an interesting update for advertisers: its Relevance Score would disappear in favor of 3 new metrics.

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07 Power5 or how to collaborate with Facebook Antoine Dalmas Digital marketing

Here is the 5-Step Method that you need to follow to optimize the structure of your Facebook Ads campaign.

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